Happy 30th Anniversary!

June 19, 2013

30 years ago my dad kneeled at the altar with the words, “Help Me,” taped to the bottoms of his shoes as he took my mom’s hand in marriage.

A few months ago I asked Dad how he proposed to Mom.

At 21 years old, he was finishing up school and working a full-time job.

The morning of my mom’s 21st birthday, he had just gotten off an 8-hour overnight shift. He drove 40 miles from Longmont to Denver to pick up the ring and proceeded to lock his keys in his truck.

After breaking into his truck, he drove back up to Longmont to find Grandpa on his mail route.

Perusing the streets of Southmoor Park, Dad found Grandpa. He pulled up behind him, got out of his truck, and Grandpa asked, “What are you doing here young man?”

“Well sir, as you know, I love your daughter and I came to ask for your blessing to marry her.”

Grandpa teared up, “Of course.”

He gave him a big hug and Dad said, “I just ask one thing. I’m taking Laurie out to dinner tonight for her birthday and I’m going to ask her then. You can’t tell anyone.”

Grandpa told everyone.

When Dad arrived to pick up Mom, everyone was giddy. But Mom still didn’t know.

They went to the Hungry Farmer in Boulder for dinner and a play. Mom couldn’t help but notice how nervous Dad was. After dinner, he drove her up a mountain to a point overlooking Boulder.

He asked.

She said yes.

And they “probably made out.” (Dad’s words)

Almost a year later, they were married.

A few of the details might be off, but one thing’s for sure, they still love each other…30 years later…even though Rachel always makes funny faces in their photos.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!.